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Ontario Asset Searches

John A. DeMarr PI offers Ontario a complete range of asset search services.

Our asset searches report extensively on an individual’s or a business’ financial situation. Among the areas we provide information on are:

  • Employment
  • Professional license search
  • Real estate and personal property search
  • Intellectual property search
  • Unclaimed property search
  • Patent/trademark search
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – Vehicles
  • Watercraft search
  • Aircraft search

We refer you to our basic asset search page for fuller details.

For an additional charge, we can also report on a subject's banking affiliations. Please see our extensive asset search page for information.

An asset search provides invaluable information when seeking out assets for potential seizure, or when considering entering into a financial relationship with an individual or business. An asset search may also be a wise step for someone contemplating matrimony. It's better to know, especially before getting involved.

If you wish to order an asset search in Ontario, please contact our offices at 877-433-6277, or use the email form below. You may also take advantage of our online and .pdf order forms to request our services.

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