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Asset Search: Extensive

Like our Basic Asset Searches, our Extensive Individual Asset Search and Extensive Business Asset Search are generally employed as a means of evaluating the economic feasibility of proceeding with a legal action, or when seeking out assets for potential seizure. The Extensive Asset Search may also be used whenever a full financial portrait of a subject – individual or business – is required.

A correct asset search report cannot be prepared by a layman. A licensed private investigator is necessary to access and to compile the financial data required for an in-depth description of a subject’s financial holdings. Nationwide Legal Investigations’ comprehensive approach to asset searches provides the client with precise and accurate information, usually in fewer than five business days.

Our Extensive Asset Searches cover all the areas covered in our Basic Asset Searches:

  • Current Identification and Residential Information
  • Aliases
  • Address History
  • Employment
  • Professional License Search
  • City Business License Search
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Search
  • Intellectual Property Search
  • Unclaimed Property Search
  • Patent/Trademark Search
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – Vehicles
  • Watercraft Search
  • Aircraft Search
  • Corporate Records Search
  • Fictitious Business Name Filings Search
  • County Official Records/Recorder Search
  • Civil Court Records Search
  • Civil Court Records Search – Federal
  • Criminal Court Records Search
  • Sex Offender Registration Check
  • Judgments/Tax Liens Search
  • Uniform Commercial Code Filings
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Internet/Social Media Search

The Extensive Asset Search adds the following three banking-related searches to the above:

  • Bank Affiliations
  • Safe Deposit Box Search
  • Investment Account Search

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we believe our asset searches to be the most thorough and accurate available. We prepare our reports meticulously, based upon a search protocol we have developed over the nearly thirty years we have been in business.

Our reports provide the client with easily accessible detailed information about the subject’s assets, allowing the client to make informed decisions about any future relationship with the subject.

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