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Background Checks in Monterey County

John A. DeMarr PI is proud to offer a complete range of background checks to our clients in Monterey County.

A background check from John A. DeMarr PI reports on eighteen different areas of a subject’s past. Among the fields we consider are:

  • Aliases
  • Address history
  • Employment
  • Professional license search – State of California
  • Real estate and personal property search – county of residence
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – California
  • Corporate records search – State of California
  • County official records search – county of residence
  • Civil records search – county of residence, state and federal
  • Criminal records search – county of resdience, state and federal
  • Sex offender registration check – State of California
  • Judgments/tax liens search – county of residence
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Internet search

Background checks can be invaluable in a number of situations. Employers make use of them to screen potential employees and to verify the conduct of current employees. We also perform business background checks (and due diligence investigations) when information on a competitor becomes necessary.

For individuals, we strongly recommend background checks when engaging a nanny or caregiver. We also suggest a dating/pre-marital check before entering into a serious relationship with someone. One can't be too careful in todays world: it's better to know.

Finally, we can check on a subject's criminal history.

For further information on any of our Monterey County background checks, please click on any of the links above.

To contact our Monterey County office to arrange for a background check, please call 877-433-6277, or use the convenient email form below. You may also request our services using our online and .pdf order forms.

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