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Del Norte County Child Custody Disputes

If you are in need of a child support or child custody investigation in Del Norte County, John A. DeMarr PI is able to put nearly thirty years’ experience in the field to work for you.

Through a combination of surveillance and investigative research, we will provide a full picture of your child’s activities when with the other (custodial or non-custodial) parent. Our investigations include the following:

  • surveillance of the other parent,
  • surveillance of the other parent’s friends and business associates,
  • observation of the other parent’s interaction with the children,
  • in-depth investigation of any possible criminal activity, past or present,
  • identification of any evidence of drug, alcohol or other substance abuse,
  • complete evaluation of the other parent’s lifestyle, activities and reliability, and
  • tracing and locating your children in abduction or abandonment cases

For further information on the child custody investigations we offer in Del Norte County, please click on the link.

We fully recognize the delicacy of this type of investigation, and guarantee 100% confidentiality in everything we do. For a confidential consultation and quote, please call 877-433-4277, or use the secure email form below.

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