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Monterey County Computer Forensics Investigations

John A. DeMarr PI is proud to offer a complete range of background checks to our clients in Monterey County.

On May 12, 2017, a massive cyber-attack hit over 200,000 computers worldwide. The ransomware virus encrypted the information on infected computers, and then demanded payment for the files to be restored. Global havoc resulted, which even included the shutting-down of a portion of the British National Health Service.

The so-called Wanna Cry virus outbreak this year proves what we at John A. DeMarr PI have always known: that cybercrime is everywhere, even as close to home as in Monterey County.

At John A. DeMarr PI we offer a full range of computer forensics and anti-cybercrime services to our clients in Monterey County. Our capabilities include:

  • identifying weaknesses in a computer’s security,
  • repairing breaches in the system,
  • assessment of possible future threats,
  • complete forensic investigations of cell phones (where necessary),
  • electronic surveillance countermeasures (ECM), and
  • real-world follow up on any threats we uncover.

At John A. DeMarr PI we can keep your computer – and, by extension, you – safe. For further information about our computer forensics services, please click on the link.

If you believe that your computer’s or device’s security has been breached, please contact us at 877-433-6277 as soon as possible. The damage done by cyber-attacks can get worse by the minute. You may also use the email form below to contact us.

Our services may also be ordered using our online and .pdf order forms. Please click on the link for full instructions.

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