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Deposition Officer Services

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we are not just private investigators. We are an integrated private investigation firm offering a complete set of services to facilitate all phases of trial preparation.

Our staff is equipped to act as deposition officers who can depose any type of witness for any type of case.

Moreover, we will prepare your subpoena, file it and serve it in preparation for the witness’ deposition. We are proud to be able to offer a one-stop service for attorneys preparing cases for trial. We even supply state-of-the-art software that permits the client to track the progress of an assignment in real time: counsel no longer need wonder when witness discovery or other phases of trial preparation have been completed.

We also offer the following in conjunction with our deposition officer services:

  • Calendaring and monitoring of subpoenas
  • Continuous follow-up with the custodian of records
  • Electronic document discovery
  • Notice to opposing counsel
  • Real-time status updates
  • Reprographics and document production
  • Scheduling copy or pick-up of records with the custodian
  • Secure online delivery
  • Preparation and Service of Subpoenas

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Deposition Officer Services – Free Consultation
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