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Subpoenas: Out-of-State and Foreign

When a legal action in one state requires the subpoena of witnesses, documents or things in another state, service cannot be effectuated until the out-of-state subpoena has been domesticated for service in the second state. Thus, for example, to serve a subpoena from Arizona (or any other state) in California, the subpoena must first pass through the California court system before it can be entrusted to a California process server. The same applies to a California subpoena requiring service in any other state.

Nationwide Legal Investigations possesses the skills and experience necessary to manage the domestication and enforcement of out-of-state subpoenas, be they incoming to – our outgoing from – California. We can also help domesticate judgments from other states and assist in the enforcement of out-of-state arbitration awards.

Our staff of paralegals, process servers and licensed private investigators are familiar with the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA), which allows for the straightforward domestication of subpoenas from most states. We can also handle domestication of subpoenas from non-UIDDA states, a time-consuming process that can be extremely confusing to the uninitiated.

We can handle every step of the out-of-state subpoena process. We can assist you with your filing in any other state, see the subpoena through to California, locate individuals and businesses for service of process, serve the documents, and complete the proof of service requirements, all while providing the client with real-time status updates on the progress of their case.

We can also prepare and file your subpoena in California, see the document through the domestication process in another state, and provide the same quality, iron-clad service out-of-state that our team of process servers provides to our California clients.

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we are proud to offer a completely hassle-free approach to out-of-state subpoenas and service of process. A single phone call is all that is required to prepare, file, domesticate and serve a subpoena in any of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

We are also skilled in matters of international service of process. Please consult that page for an outline of the services we provide in both Hague Convention and non-Hague Convention countries.

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we guarantee iron-clad service of your documents and subpoenas – statewide, nationwide and worldwide.

Please call us at (877) 493-3463 to arrange for any of our out-of-state subpoena services, or for further information. The initial consultation and quote are free. We may also be contacted by email, using the convenient form below.

Subpoenas: Out-of-State and Foreign – Free Consultation
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