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Electronic Data Discovery

The computer has forever changed the way business is transacted – and the way records are kept. Most information today is prepared, transmitted and stored on computers and other devices. A whole new branch of investigative work has resulted: ediscovery.

Ediscovery is the process whereby the huge amounts of information stored on a business’ computers are prepared so that they may be turned over to counsel for use in a court case. Some laptops can store a terabyte of data, a large server’s storage can be reckoned in petabytes – and, with the advent of the cloud, the capacity for accumulated data storage is practically unlimited.

Electronic data discovery is nothing other than the collection and processing of evidence, which is the private investigator’s stock-in-trade. A private investigator in the second decade of the 21st century must possess ediscovery capabilities. Nationwide Legal Investigations has the technology to turn enormous amounts of compressed data into manageable datasets, which we can use for an ongoing investigation or turn over to counsel as part of a trial preparation process.

The Electronic Data Discovery Division at Nationwide Legal Investigations employs state-of-the-art software and technology to perform any ediscovery.

The mining of even a laptop computer for evidentiary data is an enormous task that can easily encompass thousands of documents spread across a variety of applications. The investigator can no longer simply start with the file cabinet marked “A” and work his way down to the drawer marked “Z”. The protocols of ediscovery were invented to handle the quantities of data (along with attached metadata) stored in electronic format.

Ediscovery encompasses several phases (identification, preservation, collection, processing, review and production) designed to preserve the integrity of the data as well as making it available and usable in preparation for a court proceeding. The process can be extremely cumbersome. As data storage possibilities expand, so does the cumbersomeness of ediscovery.

As investigators, we possess the skills and expertise to locate a needle in the haystack of documents that results from even a relatively small ediscovery operation. We are not just an ediscovery service – we are an integrated private investigation firm that won’t merely dump mountains of paper on you. We recognize that, these days, the most telling evidence in a case can be hidden in the results of an ediscovery operation. We make highly efficient use of the documents produced to separate the gold from the dross, and to turn an sea of .pdf documents into evidence.

Our Electronic Data Discovery Division is available around the clock to handle even the largest ediscovery assignments. If you are in need of someone to provide ediscovery services, please call us at (877) 493-3463 for a free consultation and quote, or contact us using the convenient email form below.

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