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Electronic Surveillance

As the world has become increasingly dependent upon technology, so has the surveillance field changed. Once upon a time, surveillance was a low-tech procedure, involving a detective, a subject, and possibly a camera. Surveillance today is a complex process that employs a wide variety of tools and methods for tracking a subject and determining his or her activities.

While the field operative remains an essential part of most surveillance operations, no effective surveillance today can exist without using electronic means as well. Remote photography and videography, wiretapping and concealed microphones (“bugs”) are all essential modern surveillance tools. So is GPS tracking. To these have recently been added technologies such as remote computer monitoring that allow for the observation of a subject’s computer and online activities.

Nationwide Legal Investigations keeps pace with the developments in this fascinating field, and employs state-of-the-art electronic surveillance techniques in all its investigations. We still station field operatives on stakeout, but we know that an electronic stakeout can often provide at least as much evidence as a conventional one. We pride ourselves on being able to do both.

The legalities of electronic surveillance are complex: the client’s need for information can run up against the Fourth Amendment and other privacy laws. The investigator must take care to ensure that the evidence he obtains through electronic surveillance be, whenever possible, admissible in court. The private investigator needs to know what he’s doing.

We do.

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, our understanding of electronic surveillance means that we understand its flip side as well. Please consult our TSCM/ECM page for information on how we can keep you safe from prying electronic eyes and ears.

We discuss any electronic surveillance operation with the client before putting it into action, as proof of our ethical approach to the field. If you have any questions about this fascinating aspect of detective work, or if you are in need of electronic surveillance of someone, please call us at (877) 493-3463 for a free consultation and quote, or contact us using the convenient email form below.

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