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Financial Investigations

Are you concerned about the financial situation of a business or of an individual? Does someone owe you money, or are you about to loan someone money? Are you considering taking legal action against someone whose ability to pay the judgment is in question? Is someone trying to conceal assets from you?

An asset search performed by a private investigator can provide answers to these questions and more. Although there are tools on the Internet that purport to conduct asset checks, only a licensed investigator possesses the skills and means to produce a thorough picture of a subject’s financial situation.

Nationwide Legal Investigations has been performing financial investigations and asset checks since its inception in 1988. We are experienced in knowing both how and where to look in order to provide our clients with the most complete financial information available on a particular subject. We have developed highly efficient protocols for these types of investigations, yielding results that are both thorough and accurate.

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we offer the following financial investigations:

We can also tailor a financial investigation to your particular needs.

We are also able to search for lost or missing assets. We employ the same techniques we use in our asset searches of others to research your own financial picture. If you believe that you have assets you can no longer locate, a private investigator is your unquestionably best resource for finding them.

Some of our clients are at first squeamish about ordering a financial investigation: they have the sense that they are sticking their noses where they don’t belong. If you require financial information about someone to protect your own interests, there is nothing wrong with obtaining the knowledge you require. At Nationwide Legal Investigations, all our investigations and asset searches are 100% ethical, and all the information we discover is obtained legally and held confidentially.

There is nothing wrong or dishonest about seeking information legally available to you.  Our ethical stance guarantees that our reports are fully admissible in court, should your search be connected with a legal action.

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