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Forensic Investigations

  1. fo·ren·sic
    [fəˈrenzik, fəˈrensik]


  1. of, relating to, or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime:

“forensic evidence”

  • of or relating to courts of law.

Thanks to movies and television, when most people hear the word “forensic”, they probably form a mental image of a coroner performing an autopsy. The word has a far broader meaning, however, as the Oxford Dictionary definition above shows. All evidence can be forensic (or approached forensically) – and forensics underlie nearly all modern crime investigation.

The general public may also assume that forensic investigations are conducted only by specialized law enforcement teams. While, obviously, the police have their forensic investigations units, a licensed private investigator may also conduct his own forensic investigations, using methods and techniques both similar to and different from those used by the police. A private investigator can take an out-of-the-box approach where forensic evidence is concerned and reach conclusions that have evaded law enforcement.

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we have training in a variety of forensic methods, both traditional and specialized, which allows us to approach evidence and mine it for the information and clues that can lead to the resolution of a case. We take a forensic approach to our criminal investigations, particularly when we conduct a crime scene, accident reconstruction or arson/fire investigation.

Law enforcement is hard-working and committed to serving the public. Even their wide resources are limited, however, and they are often overextended in terms of both time and manpower. They assign priorities to cases that sometimes result in your case not getting the attention you feel it deserves. In such circumstances, bringing in your own investigator can be the key to your case’s resolution. A private investigator will be working for you, and won’t have a desk piled-high with folders from more cases than he can manage. One of our rules at Nationwide Legal Investigations is that we are never too busy to give our clients our undivided attention.

We also respect the second definition of “forensic” above: all our investigations are conducted legally and ethically, guaranteeing the client that any evidence we turn up will meet the most rigorous standards for admissibility in court.

In the computer era, “forensic” has also taken on new meanings. Financial investigations are conducted along forensic principles we understand very well at Nationwide Legal Investigations, given our extensive experience in asset searches. The wide field of computer forensics is also open to private investigators, a field we follow all the way through to the most elaborate ediscovery jobs.

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