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Kings County Missing Persons/Skip Trace Investigations

Are you trying to locate someone from Kings County who has seemingly disappeared?

Then you are in need of a private investigator who specializes in finding people. At John A. DeMarr PI, we have performed countless missing persons and skip trace investigations to locate people who are elusive or lost.

Very often, the police are of limited assistance in cases like these . The most efficient way of finding someone is by employing a private investigator whose time is yours, and who can devote his full energies to your case.

Among the types of people our Kings County missing persons and people locate/skip trace investigations are able to find are:

  • people who are missing due to accidents or misadventure,
  • people who have “disappeared” of their own free will,
  • people (including children) who have been abducted in some way,
  • people who have “skipped” town unwittingly, and
  • people who have skipped town on purpose to avoid creditors.

At John A. DeMarr PI we possess the skill and experience to locate missing persons in all these categories.

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