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Mobile Document Photocopy

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we understand that it takes more than legwork to get investigative work to trial. The sheer amount of paper that is taken into courtrooms can be mind-boggling to the lay individual, but a court case cannot proceed without it. That is why we offer a complete range of photocopy, microform and document production services. We can complete every step of the investigation process, from a confidential consultation right through to producing and even Velo-binding the physical documents that will support your case in court. We have a dedicated document production staff and the equipment to handle any document retrieval and reproduction assignment that may arise.

Many records (especially in the medical field) must be copied on-site. We have our own on-site photocopy team that can handle copying, scanning and reproduction of any type of records, from paper to microform. We can even duplicate on-site such items as x-rays, MRI results, CDs, and multiple video formats.

When it comes to documents that may be removed and copied off-site, our team will work around the clock if necessary to provide our clients with the print media required by even simple court cases. We are more than squirrels with Xerox machines, however: our comprehensive document production services use state-of-the-art technologies to give you with real-time updates as to the progress of your job, and to provide you, not just with paper, but with documents optimized for any legal application.

Among the many services we are able to provide to our clients are:

  • On-site scanning and microfilming of any type and any size of record or document
  • .pdf document processing
  • Paper and electronic blowback of documents
  • 16 mm film duplication
  • High-volume photocopying
  • Indexing and record retrieval systems
  • Binding
  • Complementary delivery of reproduction sets (within our service area)
  • Rush and off-hours options are available

We invite you to call (877) 493-3463, either to request our full rate card, or to speak with a specialist who can provide you with a free quote for your specific job. You may also contact us by using the convenient email form below.

You may also arrange for our photocopy services by using our .pdf order form. Please click on the link for full instructions.

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