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Background Checks: Nanny

Are you considering hiring a nanny to care for your children? A caregiver for an elderly relative? You are putting enormous trust in these individuals: can you in good conscience do that without having determined that they are worthy of that trust?

If you are not hiring through an agency, a background check of a nanny you are considering is your responsibility. It is imperative that it be performed even if you’ve checked all the candidate’s references and received nothing but glowing reports. You still need to determine that the proposed nanny is who she says she is, that she’s not hiding a criminal record or an unreliable financial past, and that she is in the country legally and is eligible to work.

Nationwide Legal Investigations offers an extremely thorough Nanny Background Check. We employ advanced techniques and methodical research to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices about the people into whose hands you are placing your family’s care. We have access to databases available only to investigative community, as well as a nationwide network of affiliates who can perform a background check throughout the United States – and even internationally.

When you are contemplating entrusting the well-being of family members to someone, it’s better to know.

We also advocate that potential nannies obtain background checks on the families for which they are considering working. Not all employers of domestic help are who they claim to be: before entering into a situation in private home, the potential employee should assure herself that she is dealing with law-abiding and reputable employers. Please see our general Background Checks page for further information.

Our Nanny Background Check includes (but is not limited to) the following information:

  • Current identification and residential information
  • Aliases
  • Address history
  • Visa and immigration status
  • Employment
  • Professional license search – State of California
  • Real estate and personal property search – county of residence
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – California (Vehicles)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – California
  • Corporate records search – State of California
  • County official records search – county of residence
  • Civil records search – county of residence
  • Criminal records search – county of residence
  • Civil records search – federal
  • Criminal records search – federal
  • Sex offender registration check – State of California
  • Judgments/tax liens Search – county of residence
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Internet search

Additional county and state searches are available at an additional charge. International searches are available as well.

To have a background check performed on a nanny or caregiver candidate, please call (877) 493-3463 for a free consultation and quote. Alternatively, we may be contacted via email using the convenient form below.

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