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People Locate/Skip Trace

What do you do when you need to find someone – but that someone doesn’t want to be found?

A skip trace investigation is the answer.

A skip trace is an investigation that traces people who have skipped town. Unlike a missing persons investigation, in which the subject’s disappearance may be voluntary or involuntary, a “skip” is seeking to vanish on purpose.

Nationwide Legal Investigations, a California private investigation firm, offers a complete range of skip trace investigations. Our investigators employ extensive resources and years of experience to provide you with the best results possible when it comes to tracing your subject in California, elsewhere in the United States, or, through our network of affiliates, internationally. Through public records searches, detective work and, if necessary, personal surveillance, our skip tracers are able to locate people who don’t want to be found. Finding a “skip” can be relatively straightforward, but it can also require the untangling of a web of false identities and dummy corporations.

Skips can be divided into three groups:

  • accidental or unintentional skips (such as people who miss bill payments or suddenly move residences);
  • frightened skips (such as people hiding from their creditors); and
  • deliberate skips (such as persons who have engaged in fraud and are evading the law.)

Our skip trace investigations can locate all three varieties of skip.

If you believe that someone in your life, be it a business associate, debtor, tenant, or even a friend or relative has skipped town, the skip tracer services offered by Nationwide Legal Investigations will trace and locate them for you.

Due Diligence Locate Investigations

In the event that we are unable to trace a subject for the purposes of service of process, we can assist you with preparation of a California Declaration of Due Diligence to enable service by publication.

Our Due Diligence Locate investigations include searches of all public records, voting and tax assessor rolls, real and personal property records, and, in some jurisdictions, Department of Motor Vehicles and postal authorities searches. These thorough investigations allow us to provide you with a Declaration of Due Diligence, a document that must be signed under penalty of perjury.

The process server (or private investigator) may also be called upon by the court to show his attempts to locate the evasive party. We are able to fulfill this requirement of due diligence procedure as well.

As highly experienced servers of process, we at Nationwide Legal Investigations know the ins and outs of due diligence, both legal and practical. We are highly skilled at this sometimes tricky aspect of service of process that can greatly expedite a court proceeding. Our Due Diligence Searches are conducted in the county in which the subject resides, and in full compliance with the requirements of the California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §§415.10 – 415.50.

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