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Video Surveillance/Photo Surveillance

Surveillance is a key component of many private investigations: a large proportion of all the cases we take at Nationwide Legal Investigations  involve some form of stakeout and surveillance work. Our operatives have extensive training and experience in all aspects of surveillance (be it of persons or places.) They are able to execute a wide variety of assignments, ranging from the simple to the highly complex.

Modern-day surveillance invariably comprises an element of videography or photography, and we have at our disposal some of the most up-to-date and sophisticated video and photo equipment available. We are therefore able to gather the best-quality visual evidence of any subject, both for the client’s benefit and, in cases involving legal action, for the benefit of the court as well.

Our skilled investigative photographers and videographers can provide pictures of any person or event (or series of events), ranging from subjects as large as traffic intersections to those as small as physical scars for identification purposes. We can perform short-term jobs in a matter of hours, or we can set up extended surveillance operations over days and even weeks. When needed, we can also place remote and undetectable cameras in the area requiring surveillance. Many jobs today require a combination of on-site and remote photography.

The importance of video and photographic evidence to any investigation cannot be overstated. At Nationwide Legal Investigations we recognize the evidentiary importance of this aspect of our work, and pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best quality video and photographs.

If you would like to set up surveillance of a person or a place, or if you have questions about our video and photographic services, please call (877) 493-3463 for a free consultation and quote. Alternatively, you may contact us using the convenient email form below.

You may also arrange for surveillance by using our online and .pdf order forms. Please click on the link for full instructions.

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