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If you are in need of a subpoena server, Nationwide Legal Investigations will get the job done right and on time – every time, in- and out-of-state.

We cover all 58 counties in California, and, with nearly three decades of experience and an in-depth knowledge of local regulations, our subpoena services are iron-clad and cannot be quashed. Over the years, we have served high-profile and elusive subjects in some of the most difficult situations imaginable.

The State of California requires that all subpoenas be served by licensed and registered process servers. All our agents are licensed, registered and intensively trained in all aspects of subpoena service. We are recognized for having one of the most knowledgeable and skilled teams of service experts, both state- and industry-wide.

One of the most important aspects of subpoena service is that the client knows exactly when a party has been served. We employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure our clients’ 24/7 access to their case particulars. (When possible, we will even text the client a photo of the subject as he receives the subpoena.)

In addition to subpoenas, we are equipped to serve all legal documents, including summons, complaints, motions, affidavits, orders to show cause and writs .

If you need to serve a subpoena outside of California, or if you have an out-of-state (foreign) subpoena requiring service in California, please consult our domestication of foreign subpoenas page.

For further information, you may also consult our Service of Process FAQs.

Service of Subpoena Fees (subject to change):

Routine service of subpoena $55.00 – $95.00
Routine service of subpoena (rural area) $75.00 – $350.00
Special handling service of subpoena $150.00 and up
Additional attempts (per address) same as initial fee
Additional documents (same location, same time) $35.00 – $75.00
Rush fee (per document, per service) $35.00 – $150.00
Rush fee (rural area) $225.00 and up
Stakeout required to serve process $95.00 per hour, minimum 4 hour charge

To arrange for subpoena service, please call (877) 493-3463 for a free consultation and quote, or contact us via email using the convenient form below.

You may also arrange for service using our .pdf order form. Please click on the link for full instructions.

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